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Unless you’re lucky enough to have won the lottery, you’re almost certainly one of the thousands of horse and pony owners in the UK desperate to cut the skyrocketing cost of keeping your much loved equine companions fed, bedded, healthy, and happy. Bedding may well be your primary target for cutting costs.

We would like to offer a word of caution. OK, we’re a major bedding manufacturer so you might expect us to say this, but please beware of false economy. Buying cheap bedding might end up costing you and your horse more dearly in the long run.


Value Beats Cost

You know the old saying: ‘You get what you pay for…’? That means you get the quality you pay for, and the cheaper the bedding, the lower the quality.

We make all our equine beddings – Bedmax and Littlemax shavings, and Strawmax straw pellets – to offer you top quality beddings that help you keep your horses and ponies as healthy as possible in their stables. Your horse or pony’s health and wellbeing is almost certainly your absolute priority, but you might think choosing a cheaper bedding can’t really make that much difference?

Well, the biggest health threat to stabled horses is respiratory disease, and one of the main causes of equine respiratory disease is poor quality bedding. The average cost of one course of veterinary treatment for respiratory disease can be as much as £2,000, and then there’s the cost to your horse and pony to consider.


What Value Looks Like

Apart from the very significant value of safeguarding your horse’s health, we have always made our shavings a very particular way to offer the widest range of health and practical benefits:

  • Moisture controlled for hoof health
  • Sterilised and made from pine for hygiene
  • Supportive & comfortable for rest & protection
  • Mixed particle sizes for drainage & absorbency
  • Long-lasting for cost-effective VALUE

All these benefits might well appear on the bags of other brands of shavings, but how can you tell if they’re genuine?

Well again, Bedmax is the only bedding manufacturer to have gained the BETA NOPS Bedding accreditation, and that badge on every bag of Bedmax, Littlemax and Strawmax lets you know we do everything possible to avoid contamination by Naturally Occurring Prohibited Substances.

But it also means we don’t make any claims that are not scientifically accurate, and we always, always ensure you get full value and full weight in every single bag of our bedding.


Consider Strawmax

We’re a family run rural company and horses are in our blood just as they are in yours. So we understand the issues you face, and three years ago we launched a new bedding option to our range – Strawmax straw pellets.

Strawmax is designed to give you all the natural advantages of straw but none of its drawbacks, so every single bag offers you reliably consistent benefits:

  • 100% natural straw
  • Sterlisied & hygienic
  • Rigorously dust extracted
  • Ultra absorbent
  • Long-lasting & low waste
  • Small on the muckheap
  • Fast composting

In independent tests, straw pellets have been ranked even higher than would pellets for their absorbency and minimal dust levels, and unlike baled straw, Strawmax pellets come in handy 15kg bags from your trusted equine retailer or supplier.

We still believe in the unbeatable value of our shavings, but Strawmax is the first alternative type of bedding that we are confident offers the same levels of quality and health protection, and exceptional benefits in terms of economy.

This is a stressful time for horse owners and livery yards, but when it comes to decision time we hope that in all our beddings you’ll find the best value for your budget and for your horse’s and ponies’ wellbeing.

You can find out much more about Bedmax and Strawmax at:

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