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Many factors will contribute to the success of your business, but having the right insurance in place is one simple step to help you side step failure. Whether you’re running an equestrian establishment, a retail business, are purely online or have physical premises to consider, the various insurance considerations can be a bit of a minefield.  BETA exhibitors Shearwater Insurance  (Stand M8.3) highlight some of the key areas to consider.


Good things come in small packages

Small Medium Enterprise (SME) business insurance can be a good place to start when arranging policies that give you the relevant protection for your business.  You could be a tack shop, a niche equestrian product manufacturer or a clothing retailer, all of which will need resilience in the face of various challenges, be it presented by a customer or a claim or unforeseen circumstances that force you to close for an undetermined length of time.  A good SME policy doesn’t just scale down a generic commercial policy, instead the team at Shearwater spend time to understand your business to piece together the correct cover for you.  That may be public liability, cover for goods in transit or business interruption.


First on your event checklist

Some of us are born organisers.  For others, the idea of committing time and effort into planning an event can be a bit of a nightmare.  Whichever is the case, event insurance can make sure that those nightmares don’t become a reality.  Whether you are organising a one off conference, live show, exhibition or social event, event insurance can ease the burden in the event of terrible weather, cancellations or even problems with caterers.


Are you prepared for cyber-crime?

As technology advances so does the threat.  We rely on computers, emails, internet and portable devices more than ever before.  There may be plenty of protection software available but unfortunately the hackers are often one step ahead.  With new GDPR penalties in place even storing customer data possess a risk.  Damage to IT infrastructure caused by a hacker or virus can take time and money to repair.  In the meantime you may be losing business, not just because of hindered business operations but because a data breach may also have dented your reputation.  Data loss may result in escalating legal costs to remedy the situation.  The scenarios a variable but cyber liability insurance is designed to check each possible scenario off the list.


Working from home, what’s the worst that could happen?

Is your office equipment if the dog knocks it off a table? How about if a business visitor scalds themselves on a too-hot tap?  There are many aspects that your home insurance may not cover, from public liability to product liability should your home be the base for your production line.  You’ve saved yourself the hassle of the daily commute, why not save yourself the hassle of unforeseen expenses too.

No matter what the nature of your business is, take some independent advice on the cover you need from the team at Shearwater.  An expert pair of hands to look after what you’ve work hard for could be just what your business needs. 

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