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Anthony Burnett, Equestrian Underwriting Specialist at SEIB Insurance Brokers LTD

The cost of living continues to increase, and as horse owners, we’re all looking for ways to save money, without compromising the care or wellbeing of our horses.

Horse insurance is often a grudge purchase as we’re paying for protection against things that may or may not happen. But knowing horses, and their seeming desire to cause harm to themselves, it’s almost certain that at some point in their life you’ll need to make an insurance claim, or wish you had horse insurance to claim on.

SEIB Insurance Brokers (SEIB) have recently launched a brand-new policy, SEIB Core Horse Insurance, which is designed for those customers who are considering insuring for the first time, self-insuring or reducing their level of cover, to save money. Their Equestrian Underwriting Specialist, Anthony Burnett, tells us more about it below.

About SEIB Core Horse Insurance

SEIB’s team is made up of equestrians who understand first-hand the financial pressures horse owners are under and the sacrifices we’re all currently making to keep our horses happy and healthy. This is why we’ve taken action to tackle the issue head-on by creating SEIB Core Horse Insurance, which reduces premium prices by providing Vet Fees cover for accidental external injuries only as well as providing a range of other key covers.

The policy is available for horses over 30 days old and has some limits on activities covered, it includes:

Standard Cover

  • Vet Fees £1,500 any one claim and per policy year
  • Cover for accidental external injury only
  • £165 excess
  • Public Liability £2 million
  • Personal Accident £10,000
  • Legal Expenses £50,000
  • Tack & Saddlery up to £1,000 per claim
  • Legal Expenses up to £50,000

Optional Cover

  • Increase Vet Fees to £3,000 any one claim and per policy year
  • Colic Surgery £5,000 for horses aged under 15
  • Death, Theft and Straying up to £10,000 (includes Disposal Fees and Farewell Cover)
  • Tack & Saddlery up to £5,000

What is Accidental External Injury Only cover?

Accidental External Injury Only insurance covers injuries caused by accidental, violent and visible means where your horse has a visible, external wound. An example may be that your horse comes in from the field with an open hock wound that requires veterinary treatment. This policy does not cover veterinary fees for illness, for example the cost of a gastroscope to diagnose whether your horse is suffering from gastric ulcers.

It could be perceived that wounds are one of the more straightforward situations to deal with when calling the vet, as there is often less diagnosis needed. However, just because there is a visible cause, it does not mean they’re always the cheapest to treat. Our research shows that external injuries are the second biggest cause of Horse Insurance claims, with the average cost of claims coming in at over £1,300 per incident.

SEIB Core Horse Insurance has other benefits too that are not typically seen on entry-level horse insurance policies, such as an optional emergency colic surgery add-on up to £5,000 per incident and tack cover up to £5,000 per claim and an increase to the horse sum insured up to and including £10,000.

This policy is available to purchase online now, click here to get a quote.

*Excesses apply.

Terms and Conditions apply.

About SEIB Insurance Brokers

SEIB have been arranging insurance for horses for 60 years. This experience allows them to tailor policies to suit your circumstances and ensure that you and your horses are covered should the worst happen.

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