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We all love our horses and ponies and we love spending long summer days at the yard. But we need to remember that the yard is a live animal environment and accidents can happen, even when we are being careful.

LIVERYLive has lots of features that are designed to help make livery yards safer for horses, their owners and the yard team that look after them and the app is on your phone.

Everyone has their phone with them when they are at the yard; we use the phone as a camera to take photos and videos of ourselves, our horses and our accomplishments on horseback. Whether its dressage, showing, eventing or jumping we love taking and sharing horse videos. At LIVERYLive we love to showcase our sponsored riders and our brand ambassadors, whether they are out competing our enjoying a day at the yard.

We use our phones to check the weather for rugging, particularly in winter, and we track our fitness with health apps, counting our steps and recording how far we have ridden.  



LIVERYLive helps yard owners and yard managers run their yards more efficiently and more professionally, but the benefits are not just for yard owners. LIVERYLive benefits everyone on the yard with better communication, more organisation in terms of yard events and arena bookings, detailed feed charts and individual horse profiles, containing key information for horses and ponies stabled there.

We recently became members of BETA (British Equestrian Trade Association) and they are running a Summer of Safety campaign from June to September, to help all of us be more safety aware around our equines. So, naturally, we started thinking about the safety benefits of LIVERYLive.

With the LIVERYLive app on their phone, everyone can check the individual yard rules and health and safety procedures. If everyone on the yard is aware of potential risks and what to do if there is an issue, the yard will be a safer place. At a LIVERYLive yard, the app is on everyone’s phone and this improves communication. Having the LIVERYLive app means you don’t need to be in multiple WhatsApp groups and you don’t need to keep walking back to the whiteboard to check which field your pony is supposed to be in.  On a LIVERYLive yard, the improved communication means everyone knows what is going on at all times. So, if there is a new pony that needs space or the yard is expecting some sort of disruption, that might spook the horses, everyone knows and can act accordingly.

Most importantly, if there is an accident, emergency contact details for horses and humans are instantly available on the app on your phone. Numbers for vets, farriers, emergency services and next of kin are all recorded on the app for faster contact. And from an insurance point of view, there is an area of the app for recording events that need to be registered in an accident book.


Take care, stay safe and have a great summer with your equine friends from the team at LIVERYLive

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