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Availability of straw varies widely, so does its quality and cost. Poor quality straw can have the highest levels of dust and spores that cause respiratory problems and diseases. Even good quality straw is very low on absorbency and very big on the muckheap, and these days it comes in big round bales that are not the easiest to handle and store.

That’s why we launched STRAWMAX straw pellet bedding for horses in 2020.

Strawmax is designed to give you all the natural advantages of straw but none of its drawbacks, so every single bag offers you reliably consistent benefits:

  • 100% natural straw
  • Sterlisied & hygienic
  • Rigorously dust extracted
  • Ultra absorbent
  • Longlasting & low waste
  • Small on the muckheap
  • Fast composting

In independent tests, straw pellets have been ranked even higher than wood pellets for their absorbency. Even when dampened as we recommend to ‘fluff’ the pellets up into a deep, comfortable bed, Strawmax absorbs urine in concentrated areas that are easy to isolate and muck out with minimal waste.

That helps to keep the bed hygienic, and minimal waste means minimal replacement, which makes a STRAWMAX bed longlasting and economical. Minimal mucking out waste also means a much smaller muckheap, and unlike loose straw, our pellets break down into 100% organic compost in just a few weeks, and then they can be returned to the soil. And, unlike baled straw, Strawmax pellets come in handy 15kg bags from your trusted equine retailer or supplier.

We started making Bedmax shavings nearly 25 years ago to offer you a top quality bedding that helps you keep your horses and ponies as healthy as possible in their stables.



Strawmax is the first alternative type of bedding that we are confident offers the same levels of quality and health protection as Bedmax and Littlemax shavings. Like our shavings, it’s made from 100% natural, high quality renewable raw materials (locally harvested straw and managed forestry timber). It’s processed through our our dedicated plant, crushed, dried at sterilising temperatures, thoroughly dust extracted and then pelletised with no additives whatsoever.

Strawmax straw pellets come with all the equine-focussed assurance of quality you can depend on from the Bedmax brand, and it also comes with the BETA NOPS Bedding badge on every bag. We are the only bedding manufacturer to have gained BETA NOPS accreditation, so you know we do everything possible at every stage of production to avoid contamination by Naturally Occurring Prohibited Substances that might result in a failed doping test.

You can find out more about Strawmax, see how to make a good straw pellet bed for your horse, and discover the surprising everyday sources of NOPS contamination at:

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