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Transporting bales in the pastures and paddocks doesn't have to be hard work or a tedious task! If you are moving round bales or Heston bales of hay, haylage, silage, or straw, have a look at our selection of ATV bale trailers, designed to make life easier. Our range of ATV bale trailers include manual, electric, and hydraulic models to suit individual needs.

 The manual winch ATV bale trailer can move large round bales of haylage, hay, silage or straw with ease using a suitable ATV, compact tractor, or four-wheel-drive vehicle, and is designed in such a way that anybody can use it to lift and lower the bales safely. Due to the wide, low ground impact tyres fitted to the bale trailer, damage to your fields is minimal. This trailer is also available with spikes for handling Heston bales.

 The BT500 ATV bale trailer manufactured by Chapman machinery has an electric winch and is also available as a single and twin "rocking beam axle system" for rough, undulating terrain. This bale trailer is good for moving round bales of hay, haylage and straw through waterlogged parts of your fields with ease to areas that are difficult to access by a run of the mill tractor. This ATV bale trailer is ideal for travelling over rough, soft areas to get feed to your livestock. Made from heavy-duty steel and fully galvanised, a feature of this ATV bale trailer is the wraparound arms that clasp the bale so you can secure it safely using a conventional ratchet strap. This model enables the bale to be picked up on its end and placed back on its end.


The Beaty ATV Bale Trailer is a "multi-purpose ATV trailer" designed primarily for picking up, transporting large round or Heston bales of hay, haylage and silage without the need of a tractor or large vehicle. This bale trailer has easy fit galvanised drop sides and a tailgate that will transform the bale trailer into a versatile hydraulic tipping trailer for multi-uses. Water bowsers, paddock cleaners, etc. can be fitted to this trailer for multi-uses. Visit our website or give us a call for more information

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