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Leading equine bedding manufacture, Bedmax, has launched a brand-new online education portal aimed at supporting and inspiring retail staff to extend or refresh their knowledge on the choice of equine bedding options.

The ‘Bedmax Certificate of Bedding Management and Awareness’ has been developed by Bedmax with the support of experts across the industry to offer an in-depth look at the management of bedding for the stabled horse. Participants will complete this short, self-paced course in a ‘learn by doing’ method by engaging in a variety of activities.

Bedmax Managing Director, Tim Smalley, hopes the portal will help retail staff offer customers in-depth advice on their choice of bedding: “We all know there are a huge variety of bedding options on the market, but there’s not always much information on the difference between them, their benefits and features. We worked with many industry experts to put together this education portal which offers an all-round overview so that retailers can ensure they are up to speed on what each one brings to the table so they can offer the most appropriate guidance to their customers.”

The course is split into three sections with each one ending in a short quiz.

  • Section one covers the types of bedding, how it is made and includes benefits and drawbacks for each.
  • Section two covers the health risks associated with stabling horses and how to manage these.
  • Section three covers the guidelines for making and maintaining both a shavings bed and straw pellet bed, as well as exploring how Bedmax is made.

In addition, the course covers the new bedding accreditation launched in 2021 by the British Equestrian Trade Association, the BETA NOPS Bedding badge. Bedmax are proud to be the first bedding company to achieve this new industry standard-setting accreditation, which certifies that every stage of the production of all its bedding products is managed to minimise the risk of contamination by naturally occurring prohibited substances.

“The majority of horse owners put health and welfare top of their priority list when selecting bedding,” says Tim Smalley, “but with the cost of living increasing it’s more important than ever that retailers can offer customers the best and most up-to-date advice they can.

“The aim of this online portal is to offer retailers the opportunity to refresh their knowledge and maybe even learn something new too.”


You can visit the online education portal HERE.

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