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Air vests offering protection for horse riders have been on the market for several years with very few riders now being seen out on the cross-country course without one. But recent trends and high profile falls have seen air vests becoming popular in a whole host of disciplines including Dressage, Show Jumping and everyday riding such as hacking and schooling.

 The old age saying that you can’t put a price on safety has never been more prevalent and the team at Hit-Air believe that whatever type of equestrian sport you take part in, an air vest can be an essential investment.

 While dressage riding is not normally associated with the same high number of falls that eventing or jumping is, there have recently been some well-publicised incidents that have lead to a greater awareness of some of the dangers in the sport. Despite not leaving the ground intentionally, top dressage horses can be highly-strung and sensitive, meaning that accidents do happen! In addition, young horses facing new experiences can be spooky and unpredictable – not just in the competition arena, but also at home. So why leave safety to chance?

 Hit-Air Vests are British Dressage legal and can help reduce the risk of injury in the unfortunate eventuality of a fall. The system acts as a shock buffer in the event of an unscheduled dismount and stabilises the body giving protection to the neck, spine, collarbones, lower back and rib cage.

 The strategicposition of the air bags in the Hit-Air Vest cover the areas which are most prone to riding injuries, including unique rib cage air bags that are exclusive to Hit-Air, and a lower back cushion. Alongside this, the innovative design of Hit-Air causes the vest to inflate outwards rather than inwards, reducing the possibility of the rider being winded when the system inflates! Designed with the sensitive nature of equines in mind, Hit-Air vests are quiet when they inflate to reduce the chance of further incidents caused by a nervous equine reacting to the noise of inflation.

 The discreet appearance of the Hit-Air Vest is ideal for the dressage arena as the comfortable, flexible and smart vest can easily be fitted over a show jacket – and barely seen.

Available in a wide range of sizes, from Kids to Large Adult, in various colour choices including black or navy to match competition attire, the Hit-Air Vest starts at £325. For more information visit or call 0845 894 2868.

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