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Brand new EQ Bands are taking the market by storm!

Designed to elevate an equestrian athlete’s fitness, balance, stability and position, these ingenious bands will make the most of a riders training both on and off the horse.

EQ Bands were designed by Dee So’oialo, a soft tissue and rider strength and conditioning specialist, who works with some of the most high-profile horse and rider combinations in the world. Even at these levels Dee noticed that many issues such as lack of straightness, one sidedness and balance in the horses stemmed from the riders.


When used effectively with an experienced, trained professional, EQ Bands can completely transform rider position and performance. Up until now improving riders’ position and fitness has been limited to riders having to try and understand what coaches are asking them to feel or knowing what ‘correct’ is and often non ‘functional’ training in the gym. The introduction of EQ Bands resistance training now enables strength, core mobility and balance training to be incorporated in and out the saddle. They are a clever training aid, that instantly make riders become aware, by feeling the muscles they need to use and equally areas that they don't. Working on the fascial chains used in equestrian sport, when removed the rider can use their body more effectively and freely, supporting imbalances within position and strengthening them. It’s an ingenious, unique discovery that can help equestrians develop their riding.

EQ Bands are manufactured by the very best resistance band company in the sports performance market, FLEXVIT, and with Dee’s equestrian expertise they are specifically designed to be used on and around horses. Made using the finest quality materials they have been tried and tested by some of the very best riders, trainers, and equine experts with fantastic results.

Despite the durability of the material, the bands are very comfortable on the skin and are machine washable.

The EQ Bands are sold in a full set giving a rider or coach all the tools needed to develop a whole exercise regime on and off the horse. A neat washing net/perforated sports drawbag is supplied with each set to carry the bands as well as keep them safe when washing.

Now, riders can take the next step in the evolution of equestrian fitness and commit to a competitive advantage with EQ Bands.

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