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With the British summer beginning to fade, the opportunity to get out into the countryside is likely to become more limited. Not only will conditions underfoot undoubtedly deteriorate, but the weather will definitely become less accommodating. For these reasons, many riders may well be increasing their time inside covered schools and maneges. As such, time is short to prepare your facility for the winter period and make sure all maintenance is carried out and riding infill levels are correct.


Garside Sands near Leighton Buzzard remains one of the UK's leading producers in specialist equine riding sands. Our Pro Arena sand has long been a go to product in the equine marketplace and remains as popular today as it was when introduced to the industry over 20 years ago.

 Pro Arena sand is meticulously screened in to ensure quality and consistency of the material, and boasts all of the characteristics key in successful equestrian environments; be they manèges, lunging rings or gallops. With the sand continuing to be extracted from the same source, you can also be sure of absolute consistency if you are just topping up.


Pro Arena’s combination of perfect particle size and its naturally occurring rounded shape allows your riding surface to both drain and compact, while also being compatible with other commonly used components found in equestrian sand rubber mixes. Its high silica content makes the sand extremely durable and hard wearing, withstanding heavy use, while retaining its ability to be easily manipulated. 

 High grade and low maintenance, Garside Sands’ Pro Arena is reliably stocked for either collection or delivery. We regularly supply projects requiring hundreds of tons of sand, or simple remedial projects requiring a small top up.


If you need any further information regarding Pro Arena, or if you would like us to send you a sample of the product, please don't hesitate to contact us at

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