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Cavalor has a range of products to promote healthy hooves especially important during the dry summer months and when the ground is hard.


Cavalor PodoGuard hoof oil is a unique blend of nourishing and essential oils which penetrate deep into the hoof resulting in great hoof condition.

Fluctuations in temperature and humidity between night and day, especially during the summer, make it hard for hooves not to lose too much moisture. 

Excessively dry hooves disturb the flexibility of the hoof which then results in cracked hooves and damage.

The nourishing oil in Cavalor PodoGuard will penetrate deep into the hoof and create an ideal moisture balance.

Cavalor SoleMate is a paste that you put onto the bottom of the hooves to function as a cushion and help provide protection

Epsom Salts, Arnica, Iodine and Pine Tar Pine Tar all help to maintain the right moisture balance in the hoof to promote healthy hoof growth. 

It has been specially designed for use on the frog and sole after hard work, training sessions or on the day before or during periods of major physical effort, such as competitions.

Cavalor Dry Feet makes the hoof a less hospitable home for bacteria thanks to the combination of different active ingredients. Glutaraldehyde has an astringent (drying) and hardening effect, while Benzalkonium chloride makes sure the product sticks to the hoof longer.

Thrush is a very common bacterial infection that occurs on the hoof of a horse, specifically in the region of the frog. Horses with deep clefts, or narrow or contracted heels are more at risk of developing thrush. Even if you try to keep your horse’s environment as clean as possible, bacteria are always prominent.

This atmosphere is ideal for bacteria to live in the hoof and damage it. The erosion can allow them to invade in the sensitive structures of the hoof underneath the frog, causing lameness.

Thanks to the useful spray bottle, the liquid will reach the deepest parts. By making the hooves hard and dry, oxygen will find its way back to the area close to the frog, which will cause the death of the bacteria.

Cavalor Podo Guard £23 - 500ml.

Cavalor Dry Feet £19.80 – 250ml.

Cavalor Sole Mate £104 – 1.6kg.

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