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Moreton Morrell College has been a centre for land-based education since 1948 and covers 750 acres of rolling Warwickshire countryside. It is a UK and international leader in the development and delivery of equine courses and for more than 40 years has provided specialist equine degree programmes, designed with industry input to enhance its students’ employability.

moreton morrell equine centre image: Victoria Lane and Sian Holt Students at Moreton Morrell College

The outstanding equine facilities include the Equine Therapy and Rehabilitation Centre, opened by Zara Phillips, an equine unit approved by the British Horse Society as a ‘Where to Train’ centre, indoor and outdoor arenas and a horse simulator. The college has stabling for more than 120 horses, 60 well-schooled competitive horses and has an on-site farriery centre and forge.

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Students have the opportunity to get involved in a year-round calendar of competitive events including the British Eventing Spring and Autumn Horse Trials. They can also join the Elite or Performance Equine Academies and take part in a variety of ongoing research projects to help develop the industry.

 The college offers a number of animal, equine and veterinary foundation and honours degree courses. For students aspiring to a career in equine science, research or clinical practice, the BSc (Hons) in Equine Science is the course for them. All prospective students can find out more at the college’s monthly Degree Open Events.

 Offering a rich and varied syllabus that explores equine science from both clinical and welfare perspectives, the BSc (Hons) in Equine Science facilitates the development of real-world professional skills and knowledge essential to those wishing to work in a clinical or scientific context.

 Whilst focusing on equine systems, the modules taught are specially designed to deliver competence in transferable skills with relevance to a wide range of biological and animal science career paths.

 Two students who are currently studying this course are Sian Holt from Flintshire, North Wales, and Victoria Lane from Essex. The two share a flat together on the campus grounds.

Victoria said: “I chose to study at Moreton Morrell after attending one of their higher education open days. I actually came to visit two years in advance of applying to ensure I could see it multiple times, so I knew it would be right for me.  Moreton Morrell is one of the few places offering a BSc in Equine Science where I could focus on my studies in both a practical and theoretical way.”

 She continues: “I have always had a love for science, which was enhanced whilst studying biology and chemistry at A-Level. Biochemistry was the main area of study I wanted to strengthen, so combined with my passion for horses, this degree seemed perfect for me to undertake!”

 For Victoria, a key highlight of studying at Moreton Morrell College is the opportunity to work within the industry whilst studying. She says: “Moreton Morrell is centred around a vast number of livery yards, vet practices and race tracks. It is very easy to find work within the industry, allowing you to put all of the valuable information you gain from lectures into practice.”

Meanwhile Sian also chose to study at Moreton Morrell after attending one of their higher education open days. She said: “I immediately felt a sense of community, which I had not felt at other universities. This was a key influence in me choosing to study here. It was also one of the few places offering a BSc in Equine Science where I could focus on my studies but still have hands-on interaction with horses at the same time.”

 victoria lane and sian holt

image: Victoria Lane and Sian Holt

She is thoroughly enjoying her studies, which include five lectures a week with very knowledgeable and friendly lecturers that cover topics such as ASSET (gauged at building the foundations for dissertations in the final year), equine industry, principles of equine science (looking into the biochemistry of how everything works), nutrition, anatomy and physiology, as well as an equine management lecture and practical.

On the BSc courses there is no compulsory work experience, however students are encouraged to go out into the industry to visit and work at different yards, so that they finish their time at Moreton Morrell as well-rounded, employable and experienced individuals.

 Sian says: “My highlights for first year have definitely been meeting the people I have, everyone is so friendly and supportive - it makes being so far away from home a lot easier! Another one is carrying out a dissection on an equine leg, as I always learn a lot from being able to see the theoretical knowledge in a practical situation.”

Her advice on how to make the best of your time at Moreton Morrell is to get involved with everything going on and to try and socialise as much as possible. She says: “I am having the best time thanks to the friends I have made. I’d also say to try and find work experience outside of college as it is so rewarding.”

 After leaving Moreton Morrell, Victoria, who has always been interested in parasitology, viruses and bacteria prevention, would love to work for companies such as Equest or MSD Animal Health. Sian hopes to find a place at an equine veterinary practice so that she can train for an Equine Veterinary Nurse diploma.

 The next degree open events at Moreton Morrell College are scheduled for Saturday 12 May, Saturday 9 June and Saturday 7 July. For more information about Equine Studies or to sign up for an open event go to or call 0300 456 0049.

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