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For riders, movement is paramount as it is the key to increasing core stability. It is crucial to keep your spine healthy and mobilised, if your back is even slightly stiff it will soon affect your riding and the connection with your horse. This is why choosing the right chair is so important; it has to encourage ‘active sitting’, much like when you’re in the saddle. When was the last time you saw a backrest on a saddle!

No one sits as actively as a horse rider which was the inspiration behind designer, Peter Opsvik’s kneeling ‘variable’ chair. He was inspired by the riding position where the legs hang down from the saddle around the sides of the horse.


BackinAction have been passionate about the original and best kneeling chair for 30 years. Why? Because they are dedicated to educating people on the importance of movement.
Through the simple act of moving more, we can achieve a healthier lifestyle even while we sit.

The main feature of the Varier Variable Balans® chair is not only the kneeling, but the fact that the knees are lower than the hips, promoting a more effortless uprightness, together with movement simulated by the rocking design.

The tilted seat enables an open hip angle, encouraging a natural posture which will provide greater movement and also relieve any unwanted pressure on the discs. It stimulates the blood circulation of the legs, provides more space to the internal organs and allows you to breathe more intensively.

The Varier Variable Balans® chair is available with an optional backrest which adds to the range of possible sitting positions, allowing you to lean back and stretch out.

BackinAction are proudly the only source of Varier furniture in the UK which promote healthier, more productive environments for life and work.

Variable is available in a natural or black finish, and a wide range of upholstery fabrics and colours.

Variable Balans®: from £279

Variable Backrest and Cushion: £89

Visit to see their full range of products, online store and regional stores.

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