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THE Equerry range includes two products specially designed for broodmares, youngstock and stallions.

 Equerry Stud & Youngstock Cubes, and Equerry Stud & Yearling Mix help provide the correct nutrition which is so vital for all stages of reproduction, lactation and growth.

 Whether you are feeding a broodmare to support late pregnancy or lactation, or are aiming to promote steady growth and development in your youngster, rest assured the Equerry range will provide them with top quality nutrition.

 Equerry Stud & Youngstock Cubes, and Equerry Stud & Yearling Mix include high levels of protein to support pregnancy and growth.

 Highly digestible energy sources promote condition and milk production, while raised levels of Vitamin E are an important anti-oxidant and assist with fertility

 Highly digestible cereals improve digestive efficiency and added vitamins and minerals include calcium, phosphorous, copper, zinc and manganese to support bone development.

 The Equerry range of top-quality horse feeds contains something for every horse or pony, whether you are feeding youngstock, a leisure horse or a competition horse, there is a product in the range to meet their nutritional requirements.

 Equerry horse feeds are formulated by experienced nutritionists, using only the best quality ingredients and are produced under the BETA NOPS scheme giving horse owners peace of mind.

 The range includes seven cubes, six coarse mixes, one mash and one treat in the form of Equerry Minty Horse Treats.

 Equerry Stud & Youngstock Cubes, and Equerry Stud & Yearling Mix - 20kg size - £11.25 and £13.85.

 To find out more about the Equerry range of horse feeds visit or telephone 01845 565640.

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