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British designed and made matching horse and dog items in fabulous colours and designs – bling included!

 November 2014 welcomes the launch of new horse and pet wear brand, Eqco (pronounced ‘echo’). You’ll find a broad range of matching items for both horses and dogs including rugs, saddle pads, saddle covers, bandages, exercise sheets, tail guards, dog coats and leads in a selection of bright and colourful designs.

British designed and made, Eqco horse rug fabrics have been developed with the pony or horse in mind so as to offer a great quality product at an affordable price which insulates, breathes and – in the case of the Doesitall rug – wicks moisture away from the horse’s skin.

Customers will be delighted to learn that rug sizes from shetland to shire and dog coats from toy to tower can be made. Bespoke colours are also available so you can have a competitive edge in the style stakes with many rug body and binding colours offered to choose between.

“I’m so excited about being able to satisfy horse and dog owners’ requirements for something ‘a bit different’ and can’t wait to roll out new designs as the business grows.” Commented Jessica Thatcher, Eqco’s owner. “Coming from a human fashion and interiors background I struggled to find for sale the kinds of items I would like to see on my horse and dog to set them apart from everyone else’s ponies and pets and so the logical step was to start doing it myself!”



Horse Rugs The Doesitall

If you’re looking for a multi-­?purpose rug which insulates, breathes, wicks, is machine washable and quick to dry, the Doesitall is the one for you and your horse or pony.

Use it in the stable, to travel or as a cooler and watch as the polypropylene ‘sandwich’ layer gets to work and draws moisture from your horse’s body to the rug surface.  It features double front closures, cross-­?surcingles and loops for fillet string and tail guard.

 Available in a range of gorgeous hues (purple, cerise, navy, red, royal blue, teal and burgundy plus bespoke colour options), the Doesitall is competitively priced at £80 and incorporates in the Doesitall range exercise sheets, dog coats, saddle covers and tail guards.



The Ruggoo

 Sensationally stylish and practical to boot, the Ruggoo comes in 15 off the shelf plain and striped colour combinations with many more available as bespoke selections.

For only £50 the Ruggoo offers you and your horse a multi-­?purpose breathable rug which can be used in the stable by itself or as an under rug, for travelling, as a fleece, cooler or show sheet. It’s up to you! This fabulous lightweight woven rug is both quick to dry and machine washable to keep both you and your horse happy.

It features double front closures, cross-­?surcingles and loops for fillet string and tail guard.

 Standard plain colours are purple, cerise, red, royal blue, pale pink and emerald green. The Ruggoo also comes in blue, green and pink stripes, blue stripes, pink stripes, purple and lilac and cerise stripes.  In the Ruggoo range you will find saddle pads, exercise sheets, dog coats (with optional 3M reflective strips interwoven), saddle covers and tail guards.



The Showstopper

 The Showstopper rug is a breathtakingly beautiful rug available initially as a limited edition Christmas special. One for the bling aficionado, it comes in navy blue with red binding and straps and red and GOLD checks.

This rug makes an ideal Christmas present and packs a pretty punch at £60 being lightweight with a specially-­? designed ventilated spine making it ideal to use as a travel or cooler rug, for shows and competitions and even as an under rug if you can bear to keep it under wraps.

Like its sister Doesitall and Ruggoo rugs, the Showstopper is machine washable and quick to dry. It features double front closures, cross-­?surcingles and loops for fillet string and tail guard.



 Get your horse’s legs out with our hot bandages in an array of fantastic colours with or without gold. Our woven bandages have a good amount of stretch and can be used with or without pads underneath. Plain colours without gold are £15 for a set of four or £17.50 with gold.

Standard colours are cerise, pale pink, purple, black, navy, green, red and royal blue. Additional colours are available as part of our bespoke offering.


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