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Pegasus Jewellery’s Vitality collection of magnetic therapy jewellery has proven to be incredibly popular around the world, with customers as far afield as Australia enjoying the health-boosting benefits it delivers. Brand-new for Spring 2019, the Rose Gold Vitality Bracelet (£25.00) combines the sleek black silicon ‘little band of miracle’ Vitality bracelet with the most fashionable jewellery colour of moment for what will surely be the brand’s next best seller.

Rose gold remains one of the most on-trend colours in 2019, with people able to buy their favourite cars, kitchens and mobile phones in the most ‘Instagrammable’ colour out there, as well as jewellery and clothing. It’s no surprise that Pegasus have decided to give their best-selling original Vitality Bracelet a rose-gold update this spring, replacing the silver magnetic clasp with a gleaming rose gold version and removing the small beads on the bracelet.

Designed by Pegasus to go perfectly with a smarter, evening look but still deliver the same benefits of the Vitality magnetic, the Rose Gold Vitality Bracelet is perfect for when you want to dress to impress. The magnetic clasp has also been given an upgrade to ensure the bracelet stays safely on the wearer’s wrist regardless of how many energetic dance moves they throw on a night out!


The Vitality bracelets from Pegasus Jewellery are credited with helping wearers sleep better, boosting their energy levels and easing lingering aches and pains. The magnetic current provided by the powerful therapeutic magnet Neodymium boosts circulation and is cleverly combined with the chemical element Germanium, which works on the negative ions produced by stressed muscles, to prevent fatigue and increase alertness.

Fashion and trend experts credit the enduring popularity of rose gold with how well it photographs and therefore it’s suitability for social media, and Pegasus Jewellery’s many followers can attest to how fabulous their rose gold pieces look. The Rose Gold Vitality proved so popular before it was even on sale that the pre order portal was shut after just a week, and the bracelets are now flying out of Pegasus HQ at an astonishing rate.

To take a closer look at the Rose Gold Vitality Bracelet from Pegasus Jewellery, visit their website here:

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