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The decision to undertake a degree is a major one, whether you are a college leaver or more mature learner. Choosing the right programme and place of study to make sure you get on the right career path are major factors to consider.

It’s not only about what and where you study, but also about additional skills and experiences that are gained along the way. Often these are over looked, but at University Centre Bishop Burton (UCBB) we believe they are an important factor when helping you make an important decision about where and what to study.

Bishop Burton Students

Rebecca Brassington, who has lectured at UCBB for over 10 years is proud of the additional and highly relevant experiences our equine degree programmes offer. Our graduates gain valuable skills and experiences from volunteering at equine events, undertaking BHS exams and presenting research at industry conferences. Catching up with our alumni members, it's really apparent that the breadth and depth of skills our graduates developed are transferable and essential in industry.

Nicole Worsley joined Bishop Burton College at the age of 16 studying an Extended Diploma in Horse Management, she then progressed onto a BSc (Hons) Equine Science. She now works within NHS laboratories using the knowledge gained at UCBB about molecular techniques, to diagnose genetic disorders through DNA extraction, amplification and chromosome analysis. It was the breadth of laboratory techniques within our BSc Equine Science programme that developed Nicole’s valuable transferable skills that allowed diversify into any lab-based industry. These skills which our graduates gain during their time with us prepare them for a broad-range of science disciplines including in genetics, chemistry and more recently COVID testing centres (PCR testing) Whilst the ability to conduct standard techniques may be expected from any equine science degree (and essential for job interview tests), the confidence to turn a heel to a variety of roles in very different industries is grown out of many skills and industry placements that students experience at UCBB.

Business acumen is a core feature of all of our equine degrees, preparing graduates for the commercial world after their time at UCBB. The majority of roles related to the equine industries require key skills and understanding of business management, sustainability and ethics, to varying extents. A number of equine roles, such as therapy practitioners, freelance coaches and independent nutritionists, will usually involve working as sole traders or will need setting up as a limited company. It’s essential to develop skills needed to be able to compile business plans, manage accounts and market yourself or business effectively.

This is what we do at UCBB - we don’t just deliver a qualification, a degree - we prepare our students for success. 

UCBB graduates present their research at our annual Equine Performance Conference. This year it will be hosted online on 17th July, with a theme of ‘Spotlight on Welfare’. As well as our own students, renowned speakers from across the equine industry will also share the latest information in research and practices from the equine.

More information and tickets are available online now:

Applications are still being taken for September start at Bishop burton – visit  and join us at our next open event to find out more!

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