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Launching in September the New Black Diamond Dressage Saddle is the latest addition to the classic collection of beautiful bespoke saddles from family run Teversal Saddlery.

Built on the exclusive Teversal Saddlery tree, the new dressage saddle has a narrower waist (under the rider's upper thigh) and is constructed without skirts to give riders a close contact feel. Designed with a higher cantle for a deeper seat and shoulder gusset for increased freedom the saddle helps to show off the horse to it's very best.

Additional comfort for the rider comes from a choice of regular or large knee blocks, covered in soft moulded knee pads. Made with Teversal's signature broad weight bearing panels, the Black Diamond Dressage saddle ensures even distribution of weight over the horse's back whilst also reducing pressure.

A discrete diamond of Swarovski crystals in the saddle flap behind the rider's leg adds a stylish finishing touch to a beautifully crafted saddle.

With over 40 years of experience Teversal Saddlery not only produce classic, bespoke saddles but also provide a personal and friendly fitting service.

For more information about Teversal Saddlery and their range of products and service please visit

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