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Why is it so important to level and maintain your horse arena correctly?

 Arena maintenance is very important. A riding school is quite often the biggest individual investment a horse owner, equestrian livery or stud yard will ever make, so it is vitally important to maintain it properly, otherwise, this could result in more substantial cost a few years down the line.

 Whether you have an indoor or outdoor arena, sand school, track system or gallops, ongoing care and proper maintenance are essential. Two essential items for maintaining your riding surfaces in good condition are the arena leveller/grader and the arena waterer/dampener.

The Chapman professional arena leveller is an excellent choice for the upkeep of your arena. It will knock out hard and high spots with its unique "pre-levelling bar" and will keep the top surface mixed accordingly, whilst maintaining minimum disturbance beneath, keeping the underneath to a consistent depth and firmness, achieving minimal membrane movement (a common fault with many "drag" levellers). This arena leveller with its perimeter blade and rear crumble roller is suited to pretty much every riding surface, from sand & rubber crumb to a mixture of sand, fibre, and wax surfaces. Using our arena leveller will ultimately save you money over time by reducing the frequency of "topping up" and the ever-worrying problem of a membrane working its way to the surface. Ultimately giving an improved riding experience for years to come. You can see more details in the video below or click here to see spec: 

 The arena waterer, on the other hand, will keep the dust under control and help keep the fibres "mixed" with the sand a problem commonly found in the drier, summer months, making the air healthier for the rider and the horse. Fresh Group Products have recently launched a multi-purpose water bowser arena waterer unit that can be used as a dust suppression water bowser for dampening down any riding surfaces. It can also be used as a livestock water bowser with a built-in drinking trough or to simply fill remotely located water troughs where there is no main water supply. Adaptations can also be added for plant watering and pressure washing if necessary. You can see more details in the video below or click here to see spec:

 If you are looking for an arena leveller but are not sure which one is correct for your riding surface or an arena waterer with multi-uses, please give Fresh Group Products a call on 0845 3731 832 and we will be happy to provide advice and answer any questions you might have regarding the maintenance of your arena.


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