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Horses are large, powerful animals that at times can be unpredictable and potentially dangerous, particularly when they are frightened or anxious. Handling Stocks are an essential bit of kit for any equestrian facility as it can safely restrain a horse while performing various tasks, such as veterinary procedures and vaccinations.

Using Handling Stocks can help prevent injuries to both the horse and the handler, as it provides a secure and controlled environment in which to work. By restraining the horse's movement, they can help keep the horse calm and prevent it from harming itself or others during procedures that may be uncomfortable or frightening. In addition, they can be helpful for training and handling young or inexperienced horses, as it allows handlers to safely work with them while minimising the risk of injury. Overall, using Handling Stocks is an important tool for working safely and effectively with horses, particularly in situations where the horse may be anxious, fearful, or uncooperative.

Versatile and affordable, Monarch Stocks make handling horses safer, all-round. They are regularly used in Veterinary practices and recommended by vets to studs for easy handling of mares and youngstock. The sides are adjustable to provide easy access from all directions and have rubber padding for extra protection.

Monarch’s Handling Stocks come in a variety of infills such as Hardwood or Brown, Grey or Black Plastic Boards, also offering a 12-month guarantee.  They are incredibly easy to install, no specific groundworks need to be laid but it is advised that the stocks are bolted to a level concrete floor, which you will find in most barns.



For the ultimate combination, invest in a Monarch Solarium which can be hung from the Handling Stocks for space saving and convenience, or it can be hung from chains on the inside of a building.

Make an enquiry on their website today for further information and choose the right Monarch Stock for you.


Monarch Stocks start from £1,110*


 Monarch Solaria prices start from £1,395*


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