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Have you ever watched in awe at the skill of carriage drivers as they manoeuvre their way through cones or obstacles on the marathon after the glamour and precision of the dressage phase.

For many horse and pony enthusiasts competing at the highest level may not be there dream but simply getting out and about in the countryside for a pleasure drive is a fantastic way to spend your spare time.

The team at Bennington Carriages near Newark, Nottinghamshire offer a wide range of Carriage Driving experiences aimed at the newcomer or novice which provide an ideal opportunity to try this wonderful activity.

The Carriage Driving Experience provides an enjoyable introduction to the sport during a two hour session.


With many years’ experience and from a family steeped in Carriage Driving, UKCC Level 3 coach Sue Mart covers the essentials of Carriage Driving and provides one to one tuition whilst also ensuring your first time 'behind the reins' is safe, rewarding and of course, fun!

Said Sue: “Carriage Driving has always been such a big part of our lives and everyone in the Bennington team so enjoys passing on our skills and knowledge to get more people interested in this fantastic pastime or sport.”

Bennington also offer tailor made one to one tuition, suitable for all levels and disciplines of driving - from novice to advanced and from pleasure to competition.

Sue will work closely with you to understand your requirements and tailor either individual or a series of sessions to ensure you realise your Carriage Driving goals.

Carriage Driving Academy

Bennington has always focused on making Carriage Driving enjoyable and accessible to all. To some this means relaxed driving through picturesque countryside and a picnic halfway through the drive. To others it means the thrills and excitement of competing at club, national and international level.

The Bennington Carriage Driving Academy offers an extensive range of facilities and training for all levels of driver. A wide range of Try Driving experiences are available for those new to Carriage Driving or for those who would simply like to 'have a go' for the first time.

For more advanced drivers, the Bennington Carriage Driving Academy has a wide range of Carriage Driving facilities to help improve performance and develop skills.

The Carriage Driving Academy is a purpose built facility, set in 10 acres of picturesque countryside and is extensively equipped to help maximise your enjoyment of the sport.

Ample parking, wash down facilities and toilets are available as well as expert advice from the Bennington Team - who are always on hand.

The Academy offers:

  • Outdoor dressage arena - 100m x 40m
  • Obstacle and water splash
  • Cones course
  • Outdoor training area
  • Grass fitness track

Sue and the team at Bennington are always happy to talk to those wanting to have a go at carriage driving and learn more.

Contact them on Tel: 01400 281280 or email

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