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MirrorMePR , the Award-Winning Equestrian PR & Social Media experts discuss why your brand needs a solid PR & Marketing team in this exclusive feature;

 Why do I need equestrian PR  

 OK, so here's a simple fact-finding exercise:


  • Do you have the time to invest in growing your equestrian brand's presence while concentrating on your business/sales?


  • Do you invest thousands of pounds into staff training, analytical platforms, elite marketing groups and spend hours each day working on your consumer brand's visibility?


  • Do you have the qualifications and the fantastic media contacts to do the job?

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If you answered no to one or more of the above, you really should be thinking about getting a professional equestrian PR on board. Sure, we understand it’s an investment, but one that will help to grow your brand effectively. Try to do everything and you will get to the stage where your business will start to suffer, and your sales will begin to drop off.

 Having a PR and Marketing team behind your brand gives you immediate access to talent and years of experience and expertise. We have over 30 years of collective experience working in the equestrian sector. That's a lot of experience and a wealth of long-term media relationships right there. Small business coaching  is also another area that could help springboard your business if you are at the very beginning of your journey.

 Handing over the reins with an area of your business to someone else can feel quite overwhelming. However, if you truly want to focus on the business of 'selling' it's a natural progression for any corporation. Choose a PR & Marketing company which you feel align best with your business goals and vision for the future. If you want to focus on small and niche, then an individual freelance PR might be a good choice. If you are looking to take your brand far and wide, choose an agency with the ability to grow your company or brand.


I Have Social Media So I Don’t Need PR.


 No, wrong.

 Was your FB page or Instagram page affected by the recent outage? A stark reminder for some that putting all your eggs in one basket (For those of you who don’t know, FB & Instagram are effectively the same company) isn't the best option.

 Fortunately, our clients aren't in this position because, guided by us, they already have a good and even spread of visibility across many channels and mediums.

 We know where best to place our marketing efforts and their spend.

 Also, did you know that 80% of consumers surveyed by Ofcom  believe that magazines were the most trustworthy source compared to TV, newspapers, radio, social media and other internet sources?


Does your brand have that trustworthiness?

 And while our social media marketing services are popular with clients, they often sit alongside a PR print, and digital package for those really wanting to capitalise on this authority.  While print circulation might have been seen to be in decline, there are still clear fast winners as the latest circulation figures for consumer magazines show.

 So why would you ignore equestrian print titles? 

 Digital magazines and websites are also a reliable source of information for consumers so who is going to come up with great ideas, approach the media outlets and write fabulous content?

 Your PR team!


OK, but I just want to focus on social media?

 That’s fine. Some brands just prefer to focus on social media  Just because you have your own personal channels, it doesn't make you a social media expert. Going on a social media course is fine, but our team go on regular training courses because the social media landscape is forever changing.

 We need to be ahead of the game to ensure that our clients stand out from the competition.

 If you have the time and money to invest in this area, then great, but for most brands, they want to focus on growing their business in terms of sales. You also need to consider if you are really amplifying your social media channels with fantastic content, amazing copywriting and a robust social media strategy?

 If managing your social media channels is the bane of your evenings and weekends, we hear you! But the difference between you and us is that it's our full-time job focusing on your brand, engaging with your audiences and growing your network.

 So, as you grow your equestrian business it's not so much, why do I need equestrian PR, but when do I need equestrian PR?

That is the question you need to be asking.


 About MirrorMePR;

 MirrorMePR is a Public Relations and Social Media Marketing Agency, specialising in premium equestrian, country, canine and lifestyle brands. Passionate about building brand awareness, MirrorMePR’s expertise and experience range from small family run businesses through to international global giants. Discover More HERE

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