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When the skin is damaged as a result of a wound your horse loses its first line of defence against infection. Even a small cut can quickly become infected if not cleaned and treated properly.


While many horse owners still believe that a wound should be allowed to dry out, the opposite is now understood to be more beneficial.

Wounds are able to heal quicker in a moisture controlled environment as the new epithelial cells can move around more easily, allowing the damaged tissue to repair, leading to faster healing.

The likelihood of scarring is reduced because there is no scab formation and the nerve endings are cushioned and protected by the moisture which gives relief from pain.

Wound hydrogels can both donate moisture and absorb excess exudate providing a more controlled wound environment. They also act by gently debriding wounds and rehydrating necrotic tissue which will then be removed from the wound surface.

Vetalintex® Wound Hydrogel is a must for any first aid kit. It promotes wound healing by maintaining excellent hydration for moist wound healing.


The clear, viscose starch based hydrogel has an excellent, gentle cleansing action and is easy to apply and use.

Vetalintex® is presented sterile in 15g tubes for optimum infection control and should be applied liberally before applying an appropriate secondary dressing such as Skintact®, also from Robinson Animal Healthcare.

RRP is around £4.00

Robinson Animal Healthcare has a wide range of products for all your first aid requirements.

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