Automated horse feeders to allow for "grazing" style feeding of stabled horses.  Timing allows for automatic dispensing of horse feed.

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Introducing the StableGraze – A Revolution in Feeding!

A revolutionary automated forage feeder which will change the life of stabled horses, the unique design allows horse owners to divide feed rations into three separate feeds which will be released at pre-programmed intervals throughout the day or night.

The feed can be a mixture of anything.

Horses’ digestive system is designed to eat little and often however this is often impossible for some owners to achieve as they are unable to be at the stable continuously, horses are often left with a whole day or night’s ration in the stable at once which they are able eat in a short space of time leaving them to stand, unoccupied, until their owner returns. This can negatively impact on their health and wellbeing.

Allowing a horse to stand all day with nothing to do may allow stable vices forming such as crib-biting, windsucking, weaving and box walking, the feeder allows the horse to eat smaller amounts throughout the day providing stimulation and entertainment helping to prevent damaging habits from forming.

Grazing over periods of time produces a constant flow of saliva in a horse’s digestive system. This saliva protects internal membranes as it acts as a buffer from harmful stomach acids. This is critical as acid exposure is thought to be the primary cause of gastric ulcers in horses. Gastric ulcers in horses are becoming more and more common and it is essential owners do all they can to mitigate the risk of ulcers forming, it imitates the horses natural eating pattern which encourages that constant flow of saliva that is essential to prevent acid damage.

The compact design makes an attractive addition to any stable. Installation is quick and easy it can be fitted onto any stable wall.

Equestrian Products are pleased to introduce the grazer as it is going to be beneficial to both horses and owners. We know how difficult it is trying to balance a busy life with horses, and are aware that we should feed little and often but this can be impossible when you have to leave the stable at the crack of dawn and cannot get back until the end of the day, the grazer allows the horse to eat naturally and will save that stress and guilt I know a lot of owners feel when they leave in the mornings or last thing at “night.”

Equestrian products grazer has been received feedback from trials. The trials were conducted by a range of users from the single horse owner to veterinary surgeons and professional riders.

Nicola Wilson, International Event Rider commented:

‘Horses are designed in the wild to graze continuously through the day and it is important for the horse owner to try to mimic how they would naturally eat in the wild, it allows you to do that, not only is it allowing you to feed at regular intervals throughout the day, but it is also encouraging the horses to eat off the ground.’

Speaking of the product Lesley Barwise-Munroe (BSc, BVM&S, CertEP, MRCVS) said:

One of the key benefits we, as Veterinary Surgeons, will get from the stable grazer is that there has been a massive increase in obese horses and so being able to regulate food intake with a trickle feeder will be extremely helpful. Also, because obesity leads to a condition called laminitis a lot of horses are on a protracted period of box rest trying to manage and treat laminitis. Again, it is going to be very helpful for owners to have a trickle feeder to stop them consuming too much and to allow them to go to work and know there is going to be a way for feed to be released to their horse or pony when they are away from the yard.

Equestrian Products grazer  - £770 including VAT & delivery


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