Horse feeding equipment including, mangers, hay feeders, hay racks, buckets, feed bins, horse feed scoops, hay steamers, paddock feeding equipment and troughs.

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Fresh Group Products Ltd.
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Introducing the StableGraze – A Revolution in Feeding!

A revolutionary automated forage feeder which will change the life of stabled horses, the unique design allows horse owners to divide feed rations into three separate feeds which will be released at pre-programmed intervals throughout the day or night.

The feed can be a mixture of anything.

Horses’ digestive system is designed to eat little and often however this is often impossible for some owners to achieve as they are unable to be at the stable continuously, horses are often left with a whole day or night’s ration in the stable at once which they are able eat in a short space of time leaving them to stand, unoccupied, until their owner returns. This can negatively impact on their health and wellbeing.

Allowing a horse to stand all day with nothing to do may allow stable vices forming such as crib-biting, windsucking, weaving and box walking, the feeder allows the horse to eat smaller amounts throughout the day providing stimulation and entertainment helping to prevent damaging habits from forming.

Grazing over periods of time produces a constant flow of saliva in a horse’s digestive system. This saliva protects internal membranes as it acts as a buffer from harmful stomach acids. This is critical as acid exposure is thought to be the primary cause of gastric ulcers in horses. Gastric ulcers in horses are becoming more and more common and it is essential owners do all they can to mitigate the risk of ulcers forming, it imitates the horses natural eating pattern which encourages that constant flow of saliva that is essential to prevent acid damage.

The compact design makes an attractive addition to any stable. Installation is quick and easy it can be fitted onto any stable wall.

Equestrian Products are pleased to introduce the grazer as it is going to be beneficial to both horses and owners. We know how difficult it is trying to balance a busy life with horses, and are aware that we should feed little and often but this can be impossible when you have to leave the stable at the crack of dawn and cannot get back until the end of the day, the grazer allows the horse to eat naturally and will save that stress and guilt I know a lot of owners feel when they leave in the mornings or last thing at “night.”

Equestrian products grazer has been received feedback from trials. The trials were conducted by a range of users from the single horse owner to veterinary surgeons and professional riders.

Nicola Wilson, International Event Rider commented:

‘Horses are designed in the wild to graze continuously through the day and it is important for the horse owner to try to mimic how they would naturally eat in the wild, it allows you to do that, not only is it allowing you to feed at regular intervals throughout the day, but it is also encouraging the horses to eat off the ground.’

Speaking of the product Lesley Barwise-Munroe (BSc, BVM&S, CertEP, MRCVS) said:

One of the key benefits we, as Veterinary Surgeons, will get from the stable grazer is that there has been a massive increase in obese horses and so being able to regulate food intake with a trickle feeder will be extremely helpful. Also, because obesity leads to a condition called laminitis a lot of horses are on a protracted period of box rest trying to manage and treat laminitis. Again, it is going to be very helpful for owners to have a trickle feeder to stop them consuming too much and to allow them to go to work and know there is going to be a way for feed to be released to their horse or pony when they are away from the yard.

Equestrian Products grazer  - £770 including VAT & delivery


StableGraze Ltd
North Yorkshire
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Tally Ho Farm Ltd., was first established in 1986 by Jeff Thomas, an experienced trainer of point to point & National Hunt horses. In 1992, the shop was moved into a new, 5000 sq ft building. Sales continued to expand, with local polo yards becoming an important aspect of trade. In 1997 Tally Ho moved seriously into the tack & clothing field, along with feed & bedding, supplements, stable equipment & veterinary material. We'll continue to offer our customers the very best in products & services & developing our new web site into the best online resource for goods covering all equestrian pursuits. Local, Please pop to the Shop. Shop open Mon-Sat 9-1730, Sun 10 - 1600 Further away, please shop online or call for friendly advice, click above. 
Tally Ho Farm Ltd
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Haygain is known for its patented, science-backed products including hay steamers and the ComfortStall flooring system; all designed to help owners deal with the health issues that come with the domestication of horses. Our products are used and recommended by riders, trainers, vets and scientists worldwide.

 Want to feed your horse clean, palatable forage?

Haygain steamers are the only scientifically proven way to eliminate 99% of dust, mould, fungi and bacteria.

Even the best quality hay is full of dust and this is one of the main causes of Inflammatory Airway Disease (IAD) in horses. In fact, 88% of horses have some degree of airway inflammation. Steamed hay can significantly reduce the risk of IAD and Equine Asthma. Other benefits are digestive health and hydration and the fact that the hay smells so good, no horse can resist! CLICK HERE.

 Want to ensure maximum health and comfort for your horse?

ComfortStall is a revolutionary fully sealed, orthopaedic and impermeable flooring system.

The Orthopaedic foam will not only put a spring into your horse’s step, it will allow your horse to rest comfortably to recover from work and maintain joint & hoof health. What’s not to love!


Haygain Hay Steamers
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‘Monarch Equestrian are world leaders in the design and build of high-quality internal stabling, steel frame buildings & barns, horse exercisers and equine equipment. Established in 1964, a family run business based in the heart of the Midlands. Monarch Equestrian is a recognised and trusted name in manufacturing. We have combined our experience in advanced manufacturing techniques with our passion for horses to create the ultimate equestrian range. You can view our stables online as well as the rest of our products such as the Monarch Barn or our world-renowned horse exercisers. We have 3 different ranges of stables with a variety of styles to suit all requirements, whether it be for small private yards or large commercial yards. Our products are built using the strongest materials within the equine industry and are built to last. Our horse exercisers are available in 4 different sizes; 36'0, 45'0, 54'0 or 66'0, this is to ensure there is an exerciser suitable for any purpose. We also have a whole host of up-gradable features that can be added onto our exercisers, as well as the option to have a full or part roof in polycarbonate, steel profile or slate effect.
Monarch Equestrian Ltd
West Midlands
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RJ Joinery & Equestrian Services manufacture bespoke timber frame buildings from stables &  American barns to garages & car ports, plus a wide range of stable & garage doors and windows. Alongside the joinery business we offer a huge range of stable and yard accessories, rugs, rider wear, boots and bandages, grooming equipment, riding hats, body protectors, footwear, gifts, shampoos, sprays, leather care and much, much more. Just call us your one stop shop! Our motto is “big enough to cope, small enough to care” and we stand by that! Whether you are looking for a cabin hook to hold your stable door open, or a large U-Shape stable complex, contact us! We can provide a service from design to installation and everything in between! And to add an extra benefit, our products, whether it be an anti-chew strip, or a stable door, are built to last! We have a large mail-order website which offers a wide variety of our products online, plus we have our shop based in Hay-on-Wye. We work for both the small domestic yard, up to the large professional racing and eventing yards, and offer varying discounts for livery and commercial yards. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram via the links below to keep up to date with new products, events and special offers. And we are now proud members of BETA.

RJ Joinery & Equestrian Services Ltd
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Wm. McIvor & Son are a family business which has been serving the farming and equestrian community for over 50 years. Now in our third generation, we have stores in Bishop Middleham, County Durham and Northallerton, North Yorkshire, enabling us to sell agricultural, pet and equine feed, bedding and supplies across the North East of England. We have a huge range of stock for horse and rider and anything that we don’t have we will do our best to source for you. We are open every day except Sunday; please see our website for opening hours and keep an eye out for our online shop which will be appearing very soon. You can click here to visit our website. Tel: 01609 780500 Northallerton, 0191 377 1001 Bishop Middleham.

North Yorkshire
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The Stables Saddlery & Feed Shop is a family run business established in 2004 when they opened the shop to serve the local equestrian community. Peter, his wife Izzy and son Andy are involved in all aspects of the farm, including harvesting the straw and hay for the shop. The stock has grown to cover just about everything for horse/rider/stable/tack room & yard. If you can't see it in the shop when you visit, please ask one of our very helpful people and if we can, we'll get it in for you. The shop is open every day but Sunday 9am - 5.30pm. We now carry a small stock for pets. We can deliver from the shop, but only locally for a small charge.
The Stables Saddlery & Feed Shop
Tel: 01939 211021
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Ringwood Fencing has specialised in the fencing industry for over 20 years and, by concentrating on good quality, keen pricing and efficient service, has become one of the leading suppliers and installers in the North West. We are also main stockists of all the major equestrian feed brands and also offer a wide range of horse bedding and accessories.
Ringwood Fencing
Tel: 01829 740136
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Froghill of Sandford on the Isle of Wight is a family owned business established in 1980. With a refurbished shop in the old milking parlour, Sue & daughter Mandy supply everything for the horse and rider. 1000's of lines in stock from rider clothing, saddles & accessories, bridles, bits and browbands, horse boots, hoof care, first aid, grooming, feed, feeding equipment and electric fencing, tack room, yard & stable accessories, tools & products. We stock clothing sizes from Age 2 to XXXXL. You can also buy over the phone with a credit card. We are open 7 days a week; please click through to our site from the link above for opening hours. Come and have a look in the shop and if there is something you can’t find we will be happy to help.
Froghill of Sandford Ltd
Isle Of Wight
Tel: 01983 840205
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GJL Animal Feeds supply an extensive range of horse feeds, all the major brands & our own range of economically priced mixes & cubes. We also supply standard sized bales of hay and straw. We can supply the larger type heston & round bales on request. Haylage in various sizes from 20kg to 140kg (approx). We carry a good range of horse bedding from shavings, straw & shavings mix, rape straw& hemp based products. We supply rubber stable mats & field mats for those muddy areas, have a full range of stable equipment, bowls, skips and ironmongery. We stock & supply wormers, a wide range of horse supplements which you can buy online. We are open M-F 8.30 - 5 & Sat 8.30 -12.30, click to our website, visit our shop, call us. Always happy to help.
GJL Animal Feeds Ltd
Tel: 01328 851351
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Ani-Mate Products Ltd
Tel: 01772 446114
Ascot UK
Tel: 01905 570113
Ashley Feeds
Tel: 01666 824515
Buckip - Concept Equine Ltd
Tel: 07929 141138
Carrs Billington Agriculture Ltd (North of England & Scotland)
Tel: 01228 520212
Malvern Link
Tel: 01684 563320
Tel: 0115 888 3567
FourFoot Services
Harmony Equine Feeder
Co Westmeath
Tel: +353 87 6862399
Hay Hutch Ltd
Tel: 01985 840374
JFC Equine UK
Tel: 01691 659226
Nats Equestrian Supplies
Tel: 01949 850128
Rainbow Trugs
Tel: 0845 4598808
Sanderson Environmental Ltd
Tel: 0844 3350347
The Feed Bins & Storage Co
Tel: 01302 215529
The SmartBunker from Greenans
Co Down
Tel: 02843 770845
Trickle Net
Tel: 01522 720972
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