Equine supplements, feed balancers, calmers, salt licks, mineral licks, joint care, muscle care, hoof care, respiratory care, vitamins, minerals, oils, herbs and natural products.  Horse Supplements are fed along side a nutritionally balanced diet to assist with equine wellbeing, behaviour and stress.

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Synovium® Horse Health is the development Vetmarx BV, a team of Olympic vets from The Netherlands. A brand that was produced by FEI vet Sebastiaan Donker, to provide a range of professional horse supplements that are scientifically researched, veterinary tested, and quality assured with GMP+ certification. The proven range of supplements are used and loved by vets, professional & amateurs alike, across many disciplines throughout Europe and The Middle East since 2006. Synovium® launched their products to the UK & Ireland in 2019. Our mission is provide a brand of veterianry supplements that you can trust time and time again. Clean sport is at the forefront of Synovium and understanding the requirements at the highest of levels allows us to develop supplements that are competition legal, whilst using proven ingredients at their correct levels to guarantee results. Synovium's range of advanced horse supplements from horse calmers and muscle support to performance & innovative joint supplements. The name Synovium derives from synovial fluid, which is found inside healthy joints, standing for cleanliness and purity. We pursue this within all our products. The horse is an individual just like you, Synovium understands every horse is different. Good feed is of great importance; however, it can never fully meet the needs of the competition horse. Synovium examines each horse and looks after his athletic ability. We believe in working closely with all our clients providing the best veterinary support for you and your horses, please get in touch with our expert team.

Synovium UK Ltd
Tel: 07545 132174
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Tally Ho Farm Ltd., was first established in 1986 by Jeff Thomas, an experienced trainer of point to point & National Hunt horses. In 1992, the shop was moved into a new, 5000 sq ft building. Sales continued to expand, with local polo yards becoming an important aspect of trade. In 1997 Tally Ho moved seriously into the tack & clothing field, along with feed & bedding, supplements, stable equipment & veterinary material. We'll continue to offer our customers the very best in products & services & developing our new web site into the best online resource for goods covering all equestrian pursuits. Local, Please pop to the Shop. Shop open Mon-Sat 9-1730, Sun 10 - 1600 Further away, please shop online or call for friendly advice, click above. 
Tally Ho Farm Ltd
Tel: 01344 885373
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At Dengie we are devoted to creating the best and healthiest horse feeds because we love your horse as much as you do! Fibre is vital for keeping your horse or pony's digestive system healthy and satisfies their innate need to chew - it's what they've evolved to eat! Every one of our fibre feeds has been developed by our highly qualified nutritionists, who select the finest quality ingredients to meet the specific needs of your horse or pony. Dengie feeds all contain locally-grown alfalfa and grass, which has been independently shown to improve hoof quality and generate exceptional coat condition due to an abundance of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. The high quality protein and calcium in alfalfa are particularly beneficial for supporting growth, promoting tissue repair and muscle function. All Dengie fibre feeds are naturally low in sugar and starch, making them sympathetic to the horse's digestive system.
Dengie Crops Ltd
Tel: 0845 3455115
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RJ Joinery & Equestrian Services manufacture bespoke timber frame buildings from stables &  American barns to garages & car ports, plus a wide range of stable & garage doors and windows. Alongside the joinery business we offer a huge range of stable and yard accessories, rugs, rider wear, boots and bandages, grooming equipment, riding hats, body protectors, footwear, gifts, shampoos, sprays, leather care and much, much more. Just call us your one stop shop! Our motto is “big enough to cope, small enough to care” and we stand by that! Whether you are looking for a cabin hook to hold your stable door open, or a large U-Shape stable complex, contact us! We can provide a service from design to installation and everything in between! And to add an extra benefit, our products, whether it be an anti-chew strip, or a stable door, are built to last! We have a large mail-order website which offers a wide variety of our products online, plus we have our shop based in Hay-on-Wye. We work for both the small domestic yard, up to the large professional racing and eventing yards, and offer varying discounts for livery and commercial yards. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram via the links below to keep up to date with new products, events and special offers. And we are now proud members of BETA.

RJ Joinery & Equestrian Services Ltd
Tel: 01497 821 100
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Our business was born because of our love of finding products that truly work for the performance, health and welfare of our horses and us! Everything we sell on The Centre Line is a product that we use every day either for our horses or ourselves. We know intimately the details of everything…from Freedom Girths the first girth that is anatomically and biomechanically correct for your horse, to Scharf Hats designed to be lightweight, breathable and customisable to your style whilst adhering to strict safety guidelines.

 We are passionate about the health of our horses and carry Australia’s Hi Form range of supplements, formulated using only human grade ingredients that are natural to a herbivore using extracts and mineral tissue salts to Dominick Rugs, created in Holland these rugs are the best we have found for price, performance and comfort – the quality is extraordinary.

 Not forgetting competitions! We carry Lotus Romeo jackets, short tails and tails specifically customised for you and your style, using technical fabrics specifically made for riders and tailored to perfection - in our opinion the best of the best  to the Nathalie Horsecare Range all ethically sourced with natural ingredients to ensure sparkling horses and tack as you enter the arena.

We are constantly looking at innovation in the equine industry, with products being added when we have tested them and made sure that they fit our philosophy of increased performance, quality and price/performance.

Most importantly, we believe in the highest levels of customer service possible. We do close from time to time but don’t be surprised if we reply to a Facebook messenger request you wrote at 11.30pm by 11.32pm. Emails are always answered and of course we are there at the end of the phone. Many of our customers become friends communicating via Whatsapp, Messenger, Instagram and SMS, we really do try to be available as much as possible.

Delivery is next day via DPD as long as we receive your order by mid-day, and we always try to accommodate if we can. In the rare case that there is a problem, we never leave you in the dark, we keep you informed and up-to-date every step of the way. We strive for excellence in everything we do.

We hope you will try us.

The Centre Line
Tel: 0118 324 7471
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The very first Science Supplements products were the brainchild of Dr David Marlin, a scientist with 25 years’ experience in the horse industry who has worked with the FEI, IOC and as a consultant to the British Equestrian Teams since 1994.

Author of books and over 200 scientific papers, Dr Marlin developed these products to fulfil the need of his professional clients for quality supplements, containing high grade and clinically proven ingredients that work.

From 2003 – 2012, the range of supplements were only available to professional riders, trainers, producers, yards and studs in racing, polo, endurance, showjumping, eventing and dressage, plus to the wider equestrian community in the United States in partnership with Purina Animal Nutrition. 2014 saw the launch of the products in the UK and further export to other parts of the world. 

'The UK’s award-winning manufacturer of horse feed and supplements providing a range of products from joint supplements to feed balancers. Made in the UK from their fully approved UFAS and NOPS manufacturing facility.'

Science Supplements
Tel: 0345 504 6940
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The health of our horses is paramount to us all, after all, we ask a huge amount of them no matter whether we have them for pure riding enjoyment or we compete at high levels.

Three years ago we were lucky enough to meet Antoinette Foster, the owner of Hi Form, who spent a lot of time educating us on feed and supplements, how to read labels and understand ingredient quality and quantity. As hardened sceptics, she convinced us to try and test the products. We were amazed and decided that the Australian horses should not be the only ones to benefit from these supplements… Hi Form Equine UK was born.

We are riders, having worked with the Hi Form team for the last 3 years we have gained a lot of knowledge but we continue to rely on the team in Australia made up of nutritionists (Equine & Human), clinical nutritionists, medical herbalists, microbiome experts and Geneticists to assist us with all advice for customers. All our products are FEI compliant with strict controls on manufacture, HAACP accredited.

Our range is simple to understand. Oxydane provides balance, supporting your horse with the vitamins, minerals, amino acids and electrolytes that your horse needs every day. ProflamAid Plus is there to support the musculoskeletal system given the demands we put on the equine body, and is formulated to be used every day to keep your horse in great health. The rest of our range is for specific situations.  

We are always available to help either by our Advice Page, phone or Facebook messenger. Every single customer and their horse is important to us, you will never be a number on a list.

Our customers asked for monthly subscriptions - we did it. They asked for a loyalty scheme – we did it.  Fast delivery – we do it every day. 

We will always go the extra 1000 miles to help.

Hi Form Equine UK
Tel: 01892 800912
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As one of the foremost online retailers, the Animal Health Company are committed to supporting equine health and development, we have a comprehensive range of products that are perfect for any equestrian. From horse supplements that balance hormonal function and tame unsociable behavior, to lotions that help clean and soothe stallion and gelding sheaths, we stock everything equestrians need. Paying attention to the hygiene of your horse is an essential and responsible aspect of horse care. We have a selection of shampoos with rich fragrant lathers that cleanse the coat and mane, cleaning any dirt and debris without stripping out any natural oils.The result will be a manageable coat and mane that features optimum body and shine.
Animal Health Company
Tel: 01787 476400
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As the industry leaders in equine nutrition, SPILLERS are totally committed to research that will make a difference to the health and happiness to horses across the UK. Through continued work with WALTHAM, SPILLERS collaborate with vets and nutritionists throughout the world to improve their knowledge of how nutrition can affect your horse’s health, behaviour, welfare and performance. Because of this work, SPILLERS are in a unique position to provide the best feed options, supplements and nutrition advice for horse and pony owners.
Milton Keynes
Tel: 01908 226626
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At Stinky Stuff we believe that nature knows best. That’s why we’re committed to bringing you and your animals truly natural products that really work.

With a focus on equine skin care our products alleviate itching and irritation, soothe minor cuts, wounds and abrasions and promote hair regrowth. As the saying goes though “prevention is better than the cure” so our products include natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties to protect the skin, as well as natural repellents to keep away flies, mites, lice and other nuisance insects.

But that’s not all we do, our products have had amazing results helping all sorts of different animals from Alpacas to Parrots. Head over to our website www.stinky-stuff.co.uk to explore our full range of 100% natural remedies.

Stinky Stuff
West Yorkshire
Tel: 0113 250 8957
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BETTALife® products are developed & produced exclusively in the UK & batch tested for purity, ensuring that only components that are of significant benefit are included. You can also be safe in the knowledge that our products are provided with highest grade levels of active ingredients ensuring maximum impact and the best possible care for your horse.

PharmaQuin Joint Complete HA

Extremely High Specification Joint Supplement with 100% money back guarantee!

PharmaTRAC Total Digestive Support

Complete product for digestive support & maintenance/prevention of ulcers.

PharmaPlast Elite Competition Support

Optimum support for competition horses, horses in hard or strenuous work & horses that require extra help to improve overall condition.


West Yorkshire
Tel: 01937 580782
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Whatever your involvement in horses, whether you’re a professional or amateur rider, breed horses or just enjoy their company Rowen Barbary Horse Feeds are committed to ensuring the health and well being of your horse or pony.
Rowen Barbary Horse Feeds
Tel: 01948 880598
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DennersTackShopUK.com has been trading since 2006 as an online shop & now have a Retail Outlet at Building 37, Unit B Base Point Centre, Broadmarsh (visitors welcome). We stock rider clothing, riding boots & riding hats, hat silks, gloves, whips & other accessories & Gifts & for the horse, bridles & bridle accessories, saddle accessories, horse rugs, horse boots, supplements, training aids, treats, toys & licks, hoof care, horseshoe studs, grooming equipment & products, fly repel & first aid, leather care & feeding equipment. Tack room, stable & yard tools & fencing. We are also mobile in the equestrian show season with stands at county & country shows, details are on our website. Click above for our website, below for our Facebook
Denners Tack Shop UK
Tel: 02392 598160
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The Stables Saddlery & Feed Shop is a family run business established in 2004 when they opened the shop to serve the local equestrian community. Peter, his wife Izzy and son Andy are involved in all aspects of the farm, including harvesting the straw and hay for the shop. The stock has grown to cover just about everything for horse/rider/stable/tack room & yard. If you can't see it in the shop when you visit, please ask one of our very helpful people and if we can, we'll get it in for you. The shop is open every day but Sunday 9am - 5.30pm. We now carry a small stock for pets. We can deliver from the shop, but only locally for a small charge.
The Stables Saddlery & Feed Shop
Tel: 01939 211021
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Wm. McIvor & Son are a family business which has been serving the farming and equestrian community for over 50 years. Now in our third generation, we have stores in Bishop Middleham, County Durham and Northallerton, North Yorkshire, enabling us to sell agricultural, pet and equine feed, bedding and supplies across the North East of England. We have a huge range of stock for horse and rider and anything that we don’t have we will do our best to source for you. We are open every day except Sunday; please see our website for opening hours and keep an eye out for our online shop which will be appearing very soon. You can click here to visit our website. Tel: 01609 780500 Northallerton, 0191 377 1001 Bishop Middleham.

North Yorkshire
Tel: 01609 780500
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GJL Animal Feeds supply an extensive range of horse feeds, all the major brands & our own range of economically priced mixes & cubes. We also supply standard sized bales of hay and straw. We can supply the larger type heston & round bales on request. Haylage in various sizes from 20kg to 140kg (approx). We carry a good range of horse bedding from shavings, straw & shavings mix, rape straw& hemp based products. We supply rubber stable mats & field mats for those muddy areas, have a full range of stable equipment, bowls, skips and ironmongery. We stock & supply wormers, a wide range of horse supplements which you can buy online. We are open M-F 8.30 - 5 & Sat 8.30 -12.30, click to our website, visit our shop, call us. Always happy to help.
GJL Animal Feeds Ltd
Tel: 01328 851351
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Ringwood Fencing has specialised in the fencing industry for over 20 years and, by concentrating on good quality, keen pricing and efficient service, has become one of the leading suppliers and installers in the North West. We are also main stockists of all the major equestrian feed brands and also offer a wide range of horse bedding and accessories.
Ringwood Fencing
Tel: 01829 740136
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Froghill of Sandford on the Isle of Wight is a family owned business established in 1980. With a refurbished shop in the old milking parlour, Sue & daughter Mandy supply everything for the horse and rider. 1000's of lines in stock from rider clothing, saddles & accessories, bridles, bits and browbands, horse boots, hoof care, first aid, grooming, feed, feeding equipment and electric fencing, tack room, yard & stable accessories, tools & products. We stock clothing sizes from Age 2 to XXXXL. You can also buy over the phone with a credit card. We are open 7 days a week; please click through to our site from the link above for opening hours. Come and have a look in the shop and if there is something you can’t find we will be happy to help.
Froghill of Sandford Ltd
Isle Of Wight
Tel: 01983 840205
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Wormers-direct.co.uk provide independent advice, equine worming and testing. Our animal health plans incorporate pasture management and treatment when necessary with the leading equine wormers on the UK market today. We offer guidelines and advice which will hopefully lead to reducing the parasite burden on your horse. With many years’ experience our senior SQP is happy to offer help with treating infoal mares, foals and youngstock. We also have a comprehensive online store supplying a variety of equine supplements, first aid products and our own range of horse herbs. We are keen to offer free advice where we can so please do not hesitate to contact us.

North Yorkshire
Tel: 0800 331 7758
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1st for Supplements.com
Tel: 01980 621775
American Thoroughbred Products Ltd
Tel: 01985 844613
Tel: 0121 296 9900
Aviform Ltd
Tel: 01953 528008
Ball of Madley Ltd
Eaton Bishop
Tel: 01981 250301
Best Feed Supplements
Tel: 01844 690302
Better4Hooves Ltd
West Chiltington
West Sussex
Tel: 01798 817602
Brinicombe Equine
Tel: 08700 606206
Carrs Billington Agriculture Ltd (North of England & Scotland)
Tel: 01228 520212
Tel: 01306 401306
Tel: 0800 080 7770
Equi Matters Ltd
Tel: 01494 721763
Co Antrim
Tel: 0289 0372510
Equidiet (UK) Ltd
Market Rasen
Tel: 01472 859593
Equiform Nutrition Ltd
Tel: 01270 530930
Equine 74
Tel: 01270 750117
Equine Answers
Co Durham
Tel: 01388 420222
Equine Exceed Ltd
Tel: 01184 676715
Equine Matrix
Tel: 07703 201277
Equine Products UK Ltd
Newcastle upon Tyne
North Yorkshire
Tel: 0191 264 5536
Stockton on Tees
Co Durham
Tel: 01642 557272
Milton Keynes
Tel: 01908 226626
Equus Health SSC Ltd
Tel: 07970 347763
Tel: 01986 782368
FenlaNdZ Health (4CYTE UK)
Tel: 01285 700706
Fine Fettle Products Ltd
Tel: 0800 612 7496
Tel: 01352 700841
Forest Farmacy
Co Durham
Tel: 0800 9709421
FourFoot Services
Free Step Ltd
Tel: 01902 791743
GWF Nutrition
Tel: 01225 708482
Global Herbs Ltd
West Sussex
Tel: 01243 773363
HAP (Healthy Animal Products)
Tel: 01691 880020
Hack Up Bespoke Ltd
Tel: 01359 308866
Hilton Herbs Ltd
North Perrott
Tel: 0800 294 1250
Horse First Supplements Ltd
Co Down
Tel: 02830 848844
Horse Supplements Direct
East Yorkshire
Tel: 01377 250105
LIKIT Products
Perth & Kinross
Tel: 01655 750523
Leslie Sutcliffe (LS Sales-Farnam Ltd)
Tel: 01608 683855

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