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Whatever your involvement in horses, whether you’re a professional or amateur rider, breed horses or just enjoy their company Rowen Barbary Horse Feeds are committed to ensuring the health and well being of your horse or pony.
Rowen Barbary Horse Feeds
Tel: 01948 880598
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A family-owned business, JFC Manufacturing Co. Ltd. was set up in 1987 in Tuam, Co. Galway to supply specialised plastic products to the agricultural industry. Today, JFC is an international business renowned for manufacturing innovative, high-quality plastic products.

Over the years, we have worked closely with our customers to ensure we deliver products of the highest quality, durability and practicality. Our equine portfolio comprises an array of products and accessories to meet the need of our customers including water troughs, drinking bowls, feeders and feed equipment and  equine blay balls.

JFC Equine UK
Tel: 01691 659226
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As the industry leaders in equine nutrition, SPILLERS are totally committed to research that will make a difference to the health and happiness to horses across the UK. Through continued work with WALTHAM, SPILLERS collaborate with vets and nutritionists throughout the world to improve their knowledge of how nutrition can affect your horse’s health, behaviour, welfare and performance. Because of this work, SPILLERS are in a unique position to provide the best feed options, supplements and nutrition advice for horse and pony owners.
Milton Keynes
Tel: 01908 226626
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HorseHage dust-free bagged forage contains no chemical additives, mould inhibitors, flavourings, molasses or inoculants and due to the unique fermentation process, the sugar in HorseHage is considerably lower than other forages. It is highly digestible and allows for more efficient utilisation of the available nutrients.

HorseHage is available in four varieties – RyegrassTimothyHigh Fibre and Alfalfa. Both Timothy and High Fibre HorseHage are suitable for feeding to horses and ponies prone to laminitis.

The comprehensive Mollichaff range offers a choice of high quality chaffs in six tasty options to add bulk and fibre to the equine diet plus a molasses-free alfalfa product.

In addition to the chaffs, Mollichaff has developed three ‘complete’ fibre feeds – Mollichaff Condition CompleteMollichaff Calmer Complete and Mollichaff HoofKind Complete - which, when fed at the recommended levels, can be used as the sole bucket feed as they contain a broad spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement. Also available is a complete fibre feed for donkeys – Mollichaff Donkey.

HorseHage & Mollichaff
Tel: 01803 527257
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Haygain is known for its patented, science-backed products including hay steamers and the ComfortStall flooring system; all designed to help owners deal with the health issues that come with the domestication of horses. Our products are used and recommended by riders, trainers, vets and scientists worldwide.

 Want to feed your horse clean, palatable forage?

Haygain steamers are the only scientifically proven way to eliminate 99% of dust, mould, fungi and bacteria.

Even the best quality hay is full of dust and this is one of the main causes of Inflammatory Airway Disease (IAD) in horses. In fact, 88% of horses have some degree of airway inflammation. Steamed hay can significantly reduce the risk of IAD and Equine Asthma. Other benefits are digestive health and hydration and the fact that the hay smells so good, no horse can resist! CLICK HERE.

 Want to ensure maximum health and comfort for your horse?

ComfortStall is a revolutionary fully sealed, orthopaedic and impermeable flooring system.

The Orthopaedic foam will not only put a spring into your horse’s step, it will allow your horse to rest comfortably to recover from work and maintain joint & hoof health. What’s not to love!


Haygain Hay Steamers
Tel: 01488 854005
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Fresh Group Products Ltd.
Tel: 0845 373 1832
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At Dengie we are devoted to creating the best and healthiest horse feeds because we love your horse as much as you do! Fibre is vital for keeping your horse or pony's digestive system healthy and satisfies their innate need to chew - it's what they've evolved to eat! Every one of our fibre feeds has been developed by our highly qualified nutritionists, who select the finest quality ingredients to meet the specific needs of your horse or pony. Dengie feeds all contain locally-grown alfalfa and grass, which has been independently shown to improve hoof quality and generate exceptional coat condition due to an abundance of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. The high quality protein and calcium in alfalfa are particularly beneficial for supporting growth, promoting tissue repair and muscle function. All Dengie fibre feeds are naturally low in sugar and starch, making them sympathetic to the horse's digestive system.
Dengie Crops Ltd
Tel: 0845 3455115
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British Horse Feeds is best known for its flagship product ‘Speedi-Beet’  A highly nutritious, versatile, quick soaking beet pulp, with no added molasses, Speedi-Beet is 95% sugar free & has improved nutrient availability. Ready to feed in just 10 minutes, it is a great way to add quality fibre to your horse’s diet for slow release energy. 

Fibre-Beet is a combination of Speedi-Beet, alfalfa & oat fibre supplemented with biotin, sodium & calcium. It can be fed in larger quantities so is an ideal conditioning feed. It has a high level of easily digested soluble fibre for slow energy release, along with low starch and sugar. Fibre-Beet provides quality protein for muscle tone & function & the oat fibre provides a complementary nutrient profile. Ready in 45 minutes with cold water or 15 minutes with warm water. 

Visit these links for Nutrition Tips & Stockists!

British Horse Feeds
North Yorkshire
Tel: 01765 680300
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The very first Science Supplements products were the brainchild of Dr David Marlin, a scientist with 25 years’ experience in the horse industry who has worked with the FEI, IOC and as a consultant to the British Equestrian Teams since 1994.

Author of books and over 200 scientific papers, Dr Marlin developed these products to fulfil the need of his professional clients for quality supplements, containing high grade and clinically proven ingredients that work.

From 2003 – 2012, the range of supplements were only available to professional riders, trainers, producers, yards and studs in racing, polo, endurance, showjumping, eventing and dressage, plus to the wider equestrian community in the United States in partnership with Purina Animal Nutrition. 2014 saw the launch of the products in the UK and further export to other parts of the world. 

'The UK’s award-winning manufacturer of horse feed and supplements providing a range of products from joint supplements to feed balancers. Made in the UK from their fully approved UFAS and NOPS manufacturing facility.'

Science Supplements
Tel: 0345 504 6940
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The Emerald Green Feeds products are grown on family run farm, A Poucher & Sons in rural Lincolnshire. A Poucher & Sons have been growing and harvesting forage based crops since 1945 and is now on the fifth generation of the family. The grass and alfalfa used in Emerald Green Feeds is grown locally to our main farm yard in Lincolnshire, allowing complete control and daily management of the growth and harvesting cycle. The team work hard to ensure the best quality crops go into Emerald Green Feeds.

Emerald Green Feeds
Market Rasen
Tel: 01526 398472
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BETTALife® products are developed & produced exclusively in the UK & batch tested for purity, ensuring that only components that are of significant benefit are included. You can also be safe in the knowledge that our products are provided with highest grade levels of active ingredients ensuring maximum impact and the best possible care for your horse.

PharmaQuin Joint Complete HA

Extremely High Specification Joint Supplement with 100% money back guarantee!

PharmaTRAC Total Digestive Support

Complete product for digestive support & maintenance/prevention of ulcers.

PharmaPlast Elite Competition Support

Optimum support for competition horses, horses in hard or strenuous work & horses that require extra help to improve overall condition.


West Yorkshire
Tel: 01937 580782
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‘Monarch Equestrian are world leaders in the design and build of high-quality internal stabling, steel frame buildings & barns, horse exercisers and equine equipment. Established in 1964, a family run business based in the heart of the Midlands. Monarch Equestrian is a recognised and trusted name in manufacturing. We have combined our experience in advanced manufacturing techniques with our passion for horses to create the ultimate equestrian range. You can view our stables online as well as the rest of our products such as the Monarch Barn or our world-renowned horse exercisers. We have 3 different ranges of stables with a variety of styles to suit all requirements, whether it be for small private yards or large commercial yards. Our products are built using the strongest materials within the equine industry and are built to last. Our horse exercisers are available in 4 different sizes; 36'0, 45'0, 54'0 or 66'0, this is to ensure there is an exerciser suitable for any purpose. We also have a whole host of up-gradable features that can be added onto our exercisers, as well as the option to have a full or part roof in polycarbonate, steel profile or slate effect.
Monarch Equestrian Ltd
West Midlands
Tel: 01902 605566
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Smart Bunker® from Greenans. The award-winning SmartBunker® is an innovative feed storage bunker from Irish-based Greenan’s Products Limited. This multi-purpose storage dispensing unit offers a wide range of benefits for the equine market. SmartBunker® not only keeps pesky rodents out, it keeps animal feed fresh with its first in, first out rotation system. It is fully waterproof so you can store your animal feed outside carefree. It has an easy to dispense lever to avoid time consuming shovelling and ensures you don't damage feedstuff when dispensing. 

"The bunkers are great! The principal you use is very good. It allows to use the “older” feed first. The easy access to the feed is very good as well". - Mikaelle at Mark Johnston Racing Ltd

The SmartBunker from Greenans
Co Down
Tel: 02843 770845
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Abbott & Co. (Wessex) Ltd
Tel: 01285 653738
American Thoroughbred Products Ltd
Tel: 01985 844613
Tel: 0121 296 9900
Argo Feeds Ltd
South Yorkshire
Tel: 01226 762341
Baileys Horse Feeds
Tel: 01371 850247
Baillie Haylage
Market Rasen
Tel: 01472 398696
Balanced Horse Feeds
Tel: 0800 1975200
Beaumonts Hay and Haylage
North Yorkshire
Tel: 01347 888208
Bizzy Horse
Perth & Kinross
Tel: 01655 750523
Blue Chip Feed Ltd
South Yorkshire
Tel: 01142 666200
Brinicombe Equine
Tel: 08700 606206
Broadlees Farm
Tel: 07860 788053
Brook House Produce Suppliers
Tel: 01948 830630
Carrs Billington Agriculture Ltd (North of England & Scotland)
Tel: 01228 520212
Castle Horse Feeds
Hay on Wye
Tel: 01497 570345
Charnwood Milling Co Ltd
Tel: 01728 622300
Nr Okehampton
Tel: 01837 849222
County Horse Fine Feeds Ltd.
Tel: 01562 777338
EH Haylage Ltd
Tel: 01508 550318
Equidiet (UK) Ltd
Market Rasen
Tel: 01472 859593
Equine America (UK) Ltd
Broadbridge Heath
West Sussex
Tel: 01403 255809
Equine Products UK Ltd
Newcastle upon Tyne
North Yorkshire
Tel: 0191 264 5536
Fine Fettle Products Ltd
Tel: 0800 612 7496
Free Step Ltd
Tel: 01902 791743
Freedom Health LLC (Succeed DCP & FBT)
Tel: +353 (0) 86 199 4519
G W Beeson
Tel: 07721 592308
GWF Nutrition
Tel: 01225 708482
Garry Hickman Haylage
Tel: 07710 644158
Global Herbs Ltd
West Sussex
Tel: 01243 773363
Halley's Feeds
Perth & Kinross
Tel: 01738 840394
Hampshire Hay & Straw Ltd
Four Marks
Tel: 01420 481238
Harmony Equine Feeder
Co Westmeath
Tel: +353 87 6862399
Tel: 01277 375647
Highclere Castle Horse Feeds Ltd
Tel: 01635 250600
Honeychop Horse Feeds
Bury St Edmunds
Tel: 01359 230823
Horse First Supplements Ltd
Co Down
Tel: 02830 848844
J & R Tremain - Forage
Tel: 01689 850434
J B Fenwick & Son
Tel: 01638 570206
Keyflow Feeds
Tel: 01672 519000
LIKIT Products
Perth & Kinross
Tel: 01655 750523

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