Find an Equine Bowen Therapist in the UK -  Bowen therapy is a bodywork technique, using gentle stretching of areas of the body using the thumbs and fingers to stimulate nerve pathways. It is a complementary therapy used to reduce pain and increase motor function. It is a requirement to obtain veterinary permission before any therapist may treat an animal. The Bowen Therapy Professional Association (BTPA) recommends that you verify that any Bowen therapist working on an animal is suitably qualified.



Found 20 matching entries in this category.

Angela Delafield (UK EBT)
Tel: 01670 783129
Beth Darrall (UK EBT)
Tel: 01242 251465
Claire Harrison (UK EBT)
Tel: 07780 556535
Emma Green (UK EBT)
Tel: 07956 222158
FourFoot Services
Freddy Von Rabenau (UK EBT)
West Sussex
Tel: 01243 604144
Jan Webb (UK EBT)
Tel: 07773 421861
Joanne Scurrah (UK EBT)
North Yorkshire
Tel: 07980 745059
Kara Burrow (UK EBT)
Tel: 07779 320543
Lesley McKillop (UK EBT)
Tel: 07854 375857
Lindsay Holder
Tel: 07703 010044
Madeline Freeman (UK EBT)
Tel: 01452 810739
Marion Watt (UK EBT)
Tel: 07860 845774
Sally Troy (UK EBT)
Tel: 07941 484540
Sara Soar (UK EBT)
Tel: 07919 597961
Sue Buckley (UK EBT)
West Midlands
Tel: 01386 553008
Sue Watkinson (UK EBT)
North Yorkshire
Tel: 01751 475171
Susie Pool (UK EBT)
Tel: 07787 573808
Teresa Perrin (UK EBT)
Tel: 01728 604884
Vicky Franklin (UK EBT)
Tel: 07976 750987
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